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Acquirers/ISOs: PayStore® enables the creation and distribution of Developers Apps integrated with payments, being the only platform that consolidates the management of POS, mPOS and SmartPOS.

N910 Pro com tela de aplicativos da PayStore
ícone pix


A method of instant payment in Brazil that offers fast and secure financial transactions through QR Codes, available anytime, every day of the week.

ícone mobitef


MobiTEF is a mobile EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) that allows, in addition to payments, ordering, checkout and invoice printing to the Consumers, all this integrated with the Merchants business automation software.

ícone fidelidade


Create your Loyalty App and make your Merchants know their customers, preferred products, consumption frequency and average ticket.

ícone ofertas


Apps for Discount Coupon can be easily developed and distributed by PayStore®. Creativity grow wings, or rather and better, smart technology.

ícones prêmios


Acquirers and ISOs: Manage prize campaigns in an integrated way with your payment terminal.

ícone loja digital


Where online and offline consumption merge into the #Phygital concept for the Merchants Consumers who use PayStore®.

ícone calculadora


It allows the split of payments in equal parts, any amount or the total of the checkout balance, integrated with a calculator.

ícone recarga


Distribute your prepaid recharge App for mobile, transport, TV, etc, through PayStore® and bring more than payments to your customers!

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